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Cookie Policy Information

A Zvijezda Danica d.o.o. by accessing the web pages operated by the user (the visitor), the website will automatically be called ” creates a computer cookie.

What is a cookie?

Cookie is a small file that can be accessed on a computer or other device used for browsing when you visit a Web site. Cookies have countless features, including identifying a user’s session on the server, commenting on the visitor’s custom settings, collecting information about the visitor’s habits on the website, using it to optimize the advertising content on the website and other websites, when using online search engines and generally make it easier for you to use the Website.
The cookie is an information package that the web server sends to the browser and then sends the browser back to the server at every request directed to the server. Cookies are “passive”, that is, they do not contain any executable files, viruses or spyware, and do not have access to your hard drive data. However, as information about your needs and navigational history is stored, many anti-virus programs will permanently delete cookies in the various computer scanning processes (full system scan, real-time protection). Usually, browsers have data security settings that allow multiple levels of accepting cookies placed by specific pages, determining their validity time and automatically deleting them.
Accepting or enabling cookies is optional. You may return the cookies to the use of the cookies through the settings of your browser’s web site, but in such cases you will not be able to fully utilize all the features and services of the Web site without the cookie, or the operator (Data Manager) will not be able to guarantee you full use.

Cookies on the site

Please note that these cookies alone can not identify the visitor personally.
What this site uses for cookies:
• Identifies the server for the server, search engines, and other services requiring continuity;
• stores what features and services they have;
• conversion tracking and ad optimization;
• Creating visitor statistics;
That is, cookies are basically used to collect information to provide even better and better user experience and to develop our website.
Some of these cookies are absolutely necessary to allow users to browse our site, to fully and seamlessly use the functionality available on our site. These are the so-called. session cookies, which allow you, for example, to make a comment on a site, feature, or service provided by a visitor during a visit. These cookies are valid only for the current visit, after the end of the session or closing the browser, this type of cookies will automatically be deleted from the computer or other device used for browsing, if it is set up.

Cookies by third parties used on this site
Due to the web and cookie principles, third-party cookies may be created when using this site, and the web site operator may not be affected.
Storing Cookies can be prevented by setting the browser correctly. You can also prevent Google from collecting and processing cookie information (including your IP address) on the User’s website usage by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available on the link below. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=hu
Google Analytics statistical service
The website uses the Google Analytics application, a web analytics service from Google Inc. Google Analytics uses text files (cookies) that are automatically created on the user’s computer to help you analyze the visit of a user visited site.
Google Analytics cookies collect information about how the Users use the Web site. These cookies can not personally identify you (the IP address you are using is only partially captured). These cookies collect statistical information such as the page that the site visited, how many pages were searched, how long the session time was viewed, the possible error messages. We use this to improve the Website’s development and the experience you provide.
These cookies will remain on your browser or other browser on your computer or on your browser, or until your visitor cancels them.

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